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What is High Energy Sex? How To Help Premature Ejaculation by Raising Your Sexual Energy
By: Mukee Okan
Mukee Okan speaks about sexual energy and describes a premature ejaculation exercise that will increase your overall levels of sexual energy and ‘juiciness’.

My sincerest wish for men is that they can experience the ecstasy of high-energy sex as often as possible and learn new ways to stop having low-energy sex!

You know the kind where it’s all over in a flash and you feel like, “Why did I even bother?”

What is low-energy sex? Low energy sex is usually when your sex experience is short and swift, without much sensation or orgasm.

You may even have feelings of anxiety, boredom, or lethargy.

Take asip from the cup
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You don’t care much about your partner and her response.

Sometimes you are even glad it is over.

What is high-energy sex? High-energy sex is about you being in! a passionate energy field of lovingness and joy – the expression of sheer enthusiasm to be in an intimate space with your partner.

That is what it is all about for a woman!Soul Fire

Want to be deeply appreciated by your partner? Here is the secret!

Feel your overflowing desire to bring happiness and pleasure to your partner by being you completely and by being that strong loving man that you are.

You are no longer concerned about performance. You are no longer thinking about what is going to happen in the next split second.

You are simply being with your partner as a joyful, lusty, passionate man and appreciating her. You are not trying to “get it.”

Be in that spontaneity of the moment without thinking, without trying to make something happen.

Just be present at the moment. You will begin to feel and experience your partner’s energy fully.

No expected outcome, nothing to strive for.

See what happens! In this spontaneous space, you can feel your powerful masculine attraction energy penetrate the mystery of the feminine – her irresistible magnetism as a woman.

You will feel the expansion, union, and merging.

You can enter into a remarkable orgasmic experience together where you will lose track of time.

You will be in the timeless orgasmic zone of creation.

What if you never feel that kind of enthusiasm these days to just be with your partner?

What if you feel tired, lethargic, confused, anxious, or angry?

Well, here is AN EXERCISE FOR YOU that is just one tip for increasing your sexual energy.

Give this a try:
Any time during the day that you feel yourself in any kind of low-energy state, sit for a few moms! ents, close your eyes and drop your awareness (your attention) to the navel.
Imagine you feel each breath moving directly in and out of your navel. You don’t need to change your breath or hold it or do anything special.
Just let your breath be relaxed and spontaneous.
You drop your awareness to your navel and feel there.
Feel the sense of expansion as you breathe in through your navel.
Feel a wave of relaxation as you breath out through your navel.
Continue this for just a few minutes.
Then notice your energy. How do you feel? Open your eyes and notice your energy level now.
Practice this any time of the day or night.
What is the benefit of breathing through the navel like that?
Your centre of gravity, your hara, your 1-point as a human is about 2 inches below your navel.

Whenever you focus on this area, you are revitalizing yourself, centring yourself, becoming more solid as a man, and shifting and raising your energy field subtly and potently.

Try it! Notice what influence it has first on you and then on the space where you are.

Your sexual energy is creative. It is the energy of all creation.

It is the essence of creation. Nothing exists without sexual energy.

Like the wind and weather, sexual energy is the most natural and powerful force of creation.

Ecstasy appears naturally whenever your mind and body stretch and expand beyond their ordinary boundaries.

Ecstasy is surrender to the life force – to your life force.

Sexual intimacy and connection can be the most profound human experience, a total revelation of your depths, the greatest source of joy, and a path to inner knowledge.

Rooted in the core of your being, you have a deep craving for sexual intimacy, love, and connection.

Your presence in the world is a reflection of your presence in sex and intimacy. Your sexual energy is your most vibrant alive self.

What happens when you block, ignore or even reject the feeling of your natural sexuality and desire?

You limit and cut yourself off from the source of your creativity, your inner peace and joy, your health, your abundance.

So don’t let your sexuality languish.

Feed and nurture it like you would anything that you want to grow.

A plant, a business, a child; these all need the care to thrive and likewise so does your creative sexual side.

Mukee Okan

Author Bio
Mukee Okan is a world-renowned sexual therapist and spiritual guide. Her mission is to educate and inspire sexual freedom, so people can open and surrender to self-love and self-awareness and experience the full presence and intimate connection. Visit http://www.erectilejaculation.com and sign up for Mukee’s “Inspirational Sex Tips” bulletins.

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What is High Energy Sex? How To Help Premature Ejaculation by Raising Your Sexual Energy
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