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so today i’m going to share with you a list of a hundred ways that you can save energy at home so the first one is to check if you qualify for a warm home discount i will drop the link for more information about that in the description below number two is to turn down your thermostat most households feel comfortable with the thermostat at around 18 to 21 degrees but if you dropped it by one degree you could save 80 pounds per year three you could turn off the lights when you leave a room four you could install a smart meter this helps you to understand what you’re using and you’ll be more conscious about your usage through the day you can install double glazing number six you could use the eco setting on your dishwasher seven insulate your attic heat rises and a lot of energy is lost through your loft number eight unplug your devices when they’re finished charging and unplug the charger too number nine you can seal the drafts in your house drafty windows doors and letterboxes can mean that he is escaping from your home ten take a shower instead of a bath and as a bonus tip try and save that water and use it to water your plants 11.

Install cavity wall insulation there may be some grants or schemes available for you to be able to install this insulation into your home 12. you could try reducing your shower time even if you can reduce it by a couple of minutes that would save you a lot of energy over a year 13. switch to energy-saving light bulbs according to the energy saving trust you could save between two to three pounds per year per light bulb that you switch from a traditional style to a similarly bright led equivalent 14. use the eco setting on your washing machine and try and wash cold wherever you can think about using a shorter cycle to 15.

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use a heated clothes rack this could be cheaper than running your tumble dryer 16. bleed your radiators 17. lower the temperature on your boiler if you have a combi boiler you can cut your gas mill by up to eight per cent by reducing the flow temperature your house will be just as warm but you’ll use less gas eighteen wear layers to keep warm it’s what your nan always says put a jump on instead 19. clean your appliances dirty appliances are not going to work as efficiently so take the time to descale your kettle your washing machine and clean the fluff out of your tumble dryer 20.

Get your boiler serviced annually 21 one of my favourites is to dry your clothes outside it’s free 22.

don’t leave your appliances on standby according to research by British gas households could save up to 23 on their energy bills by turning off what they call vampire appliances these are those appliances that are using energy even when you are not using them this could be things like your tv or radio or even your computer 23. put lids on saucepans 24 only boil what you need don’t overboil that kettle and if you do use a thermos flask to keep that water warm for your next cup of tea 25 only use your washing machine for a full load if it’s not full wait until it is 26. why not fill the kettle at the start of the day stick it in a flask and then use that to make your hot drinks throughout the day 27? turn off any devices when they’re not in use this could include things like your laptops and mobile phones 28.

Line your curtains hang thick curtains to stop heat from escaping through your windows and if you hand it with a sewing machine you could line those curtains for extra insulation 29.

turn radiators off or release down in infrequently used rooms number 30 check the sills on your fridge freezer 40 seals can mean that warm air is coming in and cold air is escaping 31 install radiator reflectors these are reflective sheets that go behind your radiator to reflect that heat into your room 32 clean your refrigerator coils it’s not something you probably thought to do but vacuuming off the coils at the back of your refrigerator can make them work more efficiently 33 when buying new appliances check the energy rating and try and go for the best energy ratings you can afford 34. ensure your radiators aren’t being blocked by furniture if you have a large piece of furniture in front of your radiator this can stop the heat from circulating properly try pulling that item away just by a small amount and that will allow the flow of heat around your room 35 you could try adding a clean dry towel to your tumble dryer to reduce the drying time 36 try turning off your hob or oven just a little bit earlier normally there is lots of heat still there your food will continue to cook and you can benefit from not using that energy in those final few minutes 37.

Seal the gaps in your flooring and skirting boards 38 don’t dry clothes on radiators this stamps the flow of heat from circulating a room and is the least efficient way to dry clothes it also causes condensation which can lead to mould problems around your house instead it’s better to use a clothes sauce placed near a radiator if this is how you want to dry your clothes 39 why not keep a stack of throws and blankets in your living room for those snuggly moments on the sofa 4d regularly defrost your freezer build up eyes will reduce the effectiveness of your freezer 41. switch your quilt with the seasons switch to a thicker one in the colder months and that will keep you extra warm so you can turn your heating off sooner 42 swap your shower heads power showers are one of the most energy-consuming appliances that we have in our homes try switching to an energy-saving showerhead such as a non-aerating shower head which keeps the pressure and reduces the energy consumption too 43 cover hard floors with rugs 44.

insulate your pipes 45 keep your hob clean if the heat is trying to pass from your hob into your saucepans then you want to make sure that it can do that as sufficiently as possible if they’re dirty scrub them down turn down the water heater on your boiler 47 clean your radiators we’ve got a bit of a theme here about keeping things clean for efficiency you can get essentially a radiator cleaner that helps get the dust from the back this will again allow the heat to circulate your room more efficiently 48.

Clean the lid from your tumble dryer 49. insulate your hot water tank if you have one 50 use your fridge properly defrost frozen food in the fridge to help keep the other food in your fridge cool and make sure that cooked hot food is fully chilled before you place it in your fridge 51. use a slow cooker 52 check your tammy you could be on economy 7 or economy 10 which means that there are cheaper times during the day for you to use your appliances you can then alter your energy consumption to fit in with these cheaper times 53 use a hot water bottle 54.


Bash cook thinks if your oven is already on what else can you cook you can then store these in the freezer and then just do a quick reheat in the microwave 55. wash at a lower temperature this can be everything from your clothes and your dishwasher to the items in your sink 56 don’t pre-wash your dishes dishwashers are perfectly capable of cleaning your dishes just make sure that you clean the filters regularly to avoid any blockages 57 try opening your blinds and curtains in the morning rather than reaching for the lights 58 stop wearing clothes just once I like to have a special hanger in my wardrobe and I will hang clothes that I’ve worn once on there so that I know that I can go back and reuse them 59 try an electronics-free even whip out the ball games read a book 60 fill the sink rather than leaving the tap running whilst you’re doing the washing or even you know shaving or something like that fill this ink and use that to do the washing that you need to 61 your fridge will work best if it is three-quarters full 62.

You could try a manual lawnmower for your garden 63 think about your fridge position keep it away from radiators and out of direct sunlight if it’s in either of these positions it will have to work harder to keep your food cool 64. don’t use the dishwasher’s drying feature instead open the door and let them dry naturally 65 dust light bulbs dusty light bulbs can lose their efficiency by up to 50 percent 66 close doors behind you to keep the heat in 67 get outside if you can take your family outside and that will mean there’s one more day of not having to heat your home 68 consider using a pressure cooker 69 reduce the brightness on your tv and other devices 70 turn down the thermostat when you go out there’s no point heating an empty house 71 turn devices to energy saving mode if they have one 72 use candles in the evenings if you are nearby and you are present in a room then try using a candle for some mood lighting and save those light bulbs instead 73 don’t turn on lights in the daytime 74 turn off large appliances when you finish using them our tumble dryer will stay on and we’ll keep turning the clothes over every few minutes that’s why i try and turn it off as soon as it is done 75 turn off the extractor fan and open a window instead 76.

Minimize tv time try reading a book and keep the tv switched off 77 heat your food in the microwave instead of the oven 78 keep your oven door clean and closed if you can’t see how your food’s doing and you have to open the door every time you lose about 25 degrees of heat each time keeping the door clean will help you to see how your food is cooking whilst keeping that door shut 79 don’t store your toothbrushes in the charging dock 80 use the hob ring that matches the size of the pan and use the right size pan for the amount of food that you are cooking 81.

Soak dirty clothes before washing 82 check your clothes for any balled-up socks or wrinkled-together bits that will take longer to dry in the tumble dryer 83 run an extra spin on your washing machine to reduce the amount of drying time 84. use a toaster rather than the grill 85 clean your tumble dry event no not the lint filter the bit underneath honestly give it a clean you will be shocked 86.

put external or security lights on a motion sensor 87 if you have a chimney use a chimney balloon 88 only run your dishwasher when it is full then you’ll get maximum use out of every cycle 89 glass and ceramic pans retain heat better than metal ones 90. run your dishwasher on the correct setting if you’re only washing lightly used plates and forks and things then you don’t need to run it on a long intensive cycle 91.

Don’t charge your mobile overnight 92. steam doesn’t boil steaming cooks vegetables more quickly than boiling so grab yourself a steamer instead and use this for your veggies 93 defrost food in your fridge overnight or on the workshop at room temperature during the day this is cheaper than using your microwave 94 try reducing your tumble dryer time if you can put them on a setting that allows them to get dry enough for you to hang in your wardrobe and let them dry naturally for the rest 95.

If your clothes aren’t that dirty try a quick wash cycle 96.

use saucepans with a flat bottom to help distribute the heat more efficiently 97. hang your clothes while they’re still slightly down this could avoid both tumble dryer time and ironing time too 98 leave your oven door open for a little while after you finish cooking to help warm the room but remember to only do this if it is safe to do so probably not with young kids around 99 shorten your cooking times placing a skewer through things like potatoes will produce the amount of time it takes them to cook and finally number 100 is to make sure you are submitting regular meter readings this will ensure that your energy provider has the correct readings for you and therefore can build you correctly if you want a complete list of everything that I’ve said in this it’s available on my website the link is in the description if you have any top tips then make sure you leave them in the comments below thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one bye

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