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What’s been my biggest learning from being a student of J Abraham there is actually one there’s one thing i’ve learned that is quite significant i’ll give you a little bit of context about my induction my first awareness of Jay Abraham was in the mid 90s I had landed myself a sales role at( BMW)that was the first place I got a sales role this was in early 1995 and Tony Robbins was coming to Australia to speak at an event and one of the side speakers was Jay Abraham and what they did is published some little book summaries and one of the book summaries had a couple of anecdotes from Jay Abraham one was helping point of sale sales people to create bundles of their goods to bundle things together and I thought this was really relevant because I’m selling the car so I can also sell a tow bar tinted windows floor mats like useful things that are actually practical not rubbish things like paint protection which is just a scam okay the second thing is Istarted reading all the books I could find from him I listened to audio tapes of him and Tony Robbins I took on the lessons I hunted down his rare works the Mr x book is one of the most important books you could ever read to understand the numbers of your business so the big fundamental thing I learned from that was lifetime customer value but going on further from it what Ireally liked is his concept of cross-pollinating between industries and that served me very well recycling a prospect list from the ones you can’t sell to to your competitor who can make a commission from it as an affiliate at least so I learned a lot of things from him but the deeper learnings came from later on it was just a few years ago I was actually speaking to him I’ve helped him out with a couple of things privately in the background over the years I’ve helped them with a podcast I’ve helped them especially with their recurring membership subscription and Jay was very appreciative and what he did for me is he sent me a electronic version of his unpublished recordings from private workshops and in there were some really good ideas around revenue share type structures and his advice to me was do more revenue share deals and the reason why is I could have done 25 000 workshops he said if I did plenty of those 25 000 workshops these people would pay big money and I’d have them in a room for a few days and then they’d go if I had done revenue share deals with them they could have turned into two hundred and fifty thousand or two and a half million or 25 million over the years I have particularly applied the filter of revenue share deals to my business model I’ve gone through the materials he sent I actually had to print it out at a copy place and it actually filled one of those boxes that you get the refill paper in like it’s literally the size of about four or five old phone books like if you don’t know what a phone book is it’s what we used to use to look up phone numbers it’s pretty big it’s sort of like ends up being the size of a briefcase if you were to stack all the notes so there’s a lot of stuff there I went through it even when I was traveling to the Maldives I would read through the transcripts on the plane with a pen and I’ve since done plenty of revenue share deals not just for me but also for my clients and it will be the subject of a book I’m going to do a book on this topic I have with revenue share deals with a smaller number of clients being able to eclipse my income from silver circle and super fast business and I can see that trend increasing so over time you won’t be able to hire me as a coach in the future you will be able to be a partner with me in your business if there’s a slot available that’s sort of the way that’s going so the biggest thing I got as a takeaway from Jay Abraham materials is look for the leverage in recurring revenue share deals and one of my most enjoyable podcasts was with Jay Abraham and when I told him how I handled the exit and the situation where people stop paying he thought my idea was brilliant and he hadn’t heard it before he thought that would have solved it for him too so that was really good feedback to get

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