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Many of us crave to have a good night’s sleep. But there are a few lucky ones who can doze off as soon as they hit the bed. But what about the rest of us? Every human needs to sleep. Without it, our lives would become chaotic.

But we do have one simple trick to help you relax and get a rejuvenating snooze. Studies show that sleeping naked gives you sound sleep. What? Wondering if you heard that correctly. Sleeping without clothes on has some unexpected benefits.

But there are also some pitfalls to sleeping naked. So here are 12 things to know if you like sleeping naked.

Number 1. Good for Getting Deeper Sleep If you have trouble getting sound sleep, then sleeping in the buff might be beneficial for you. Sleeping naked allows your body to cool off more while you sleep.

As your body temperature lowers to a comfortable temperature, it results in enhancing your deeper sleep. A base body temperature which is lower than the room temperature permits the person to get better rest. According to scientific studies, the cooling effect steadies the heart rate which in turn relaxes the brain. Number 2. Bad for Sleepwalkers Well, this one is a no-brainer.

If you have a habit of sleepwalking, sleeping without your underwear could result in an embarrassing situation. It is hard to imagine what would happen if it occurred in real life! Although only around 3 per cent of the population has sleepwalking issues, that doesn’t mean, you shouldn’t be careful. However, if you do suffer from sleepwalking, you might want to avoid sleeping in the nude. Instead, you should try to wear loose-fitting clothes to get a rejuvenating sleep.

Number 3. Good for Losing Weight Hey, that’s good news! You could simply knock off ten pounds by sleeping without your clothes on. Naked sleep has also been shown to boost metabolism by researchers. But the advantages don’t end here!

It is also known to reduce the risk of developing diabetes and prevent a heart attack. Getting too warm while sleeping increases the production of Cortisol. This chemical is linked to the intensification of stress, weight gain and increased anxiety. Number 4. Bad For People With Lower Level Of Immunity If you have lower resistance to diseases, then sleeping nude could alleviate the problem.

If a person is prone to getting sick, lower body temperatures enhance the growth of bacteria related to fever and the common cold. This could be a problem for those who suffer from a multitude of ailments. Moreover, if you live in an area with a cooler climate, or if your house is not properly heated up, then a naked siesta might not be a good idea. Number 5. Good for Better Skin Sleeping in the nude helps your skin to breathe.

Exposed skin allows the air to reach the skin.

There are some spots on the body which are often covered up by clothing. But how does this benefit you? Napping without your clothes on help in reducing skin diseases, especially on athletes’ feet. That’s because it helps in drying up the skin.

Moist areas with warmer temperature aid the growth of bacteria and viruses. But that’s not all! A body with a lower temperature aids in producing copious amounts of melatonin, an important anti-ageing hormone. So, a naked slumber could be an elixir for youth. Number 6.

Bad For People With Delicate Skin Dozing off without the bare essentials could pose serious problems for people with sensitive skin. If you have delicate skin, then exposure to dust and bugs when sleeping uncovered can make your dermal problems worse. You could end up with chapped and dry outer skin.

This could lead to skin irritation, constant itching and peeling away of the outer layer. Wearing pyjamas can help you prevent these problems.


Number 7. Good For Having Healthy And Beautiful Hair For those who have a receding hairline, pay attention! Sleeping naked promotes healthy hair. The reason for this is that the body produces less sweat when cooler. When this sweat evaporates, it leaves behind salt.

The salt on the top layer of your skin is responsible for irritation on the scalp and therefore, damages your hair. Hence, it is better to strip before you say good night. Number 8. Good for Building Confidence According to some researchers, having your forty winks in the nude can help in boosting your confidence. Sleeping naked can give you a sense of familiarity with your body.

It helps you discover yourself and this carries over into your everyday life.

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You are well aware of who you are as a person. It also allows you to grow more comfortable with your body. So you are at ease in almost all situations, thanks to your new and heightened awareness. Number 9.

Bad For Those Who Suffer From Anxiety If you suffer from anxiety and have panic attacks from time to time, chances are you are less likely to doze off in the buff. These people tend to be alarmed by the presumption of the awkwardness of getting caught unclothed. People with anxiety could lose sleep or not sleep as soundly if they are troubled by such a mental condition. Number 10. Helps In Keeping Reproductive Organs Healthy When they become wet and sweaty, the pubic area or the area around the reproductive organs can act as a breeding ground for various fungi and bacteria.

Sleeping naked helps the genitals to receive some much-needed air circulation and keeps them ventilated as well.

This refrains the pubes from overheating and sweating during resting time. Number 11. Good for Improving Relationships This one needs no telling. Sleeping naked with your loved one, increases compatibility.

Both of you come closer as a couple. The relationship becomes more fulfilling and romantic. But it is not limited to that! This has some biological benefits as well. Skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin in the body.

This is the hormone which helps us to feel good.

Just drop the clothes, let go of the inhibitions and allow the love to blossom! Number 12. Bad in an Emergency Every positive thing has a downside. A nude siesta or nap can backfire in certain situations.

What if your home catches fire? Or if an intruder barges into your home? The situation would be even more dramatic if you or somebody else has a heart attack. During such situations, you might have little time to cover yourself and be presentable socially. If you still prefer sleeping in the nude, it would be wiser to have some clothes nearby.

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