I have a question for you. Do you know how old you are sure? We know how old we are in the sense of a chronological age I know I’m gonna be 43, but the bigger question is do you know how old you are? biologically and that is the more important question so many of us forget to see you could be 43 and Biologically you can have the body of a 54-year-old or you can have the body of a 33-year-old What would you rather have science has shown that two people can be the same chronological age? But their biological age can be vastly different So on my 40th birthday, I looked at myself in the mirror and frankly.

I was really saddened by what I saw I’d started developing a belly I Had a bald patch that was appearing my hair was starting to turn grey and I felt that all of a sudden I was getting old I never expected that this would hit me so fast, and I realized that I needed to take some action I was failing on my health goals.

I could barely motivate myself to get to a gym. It just seemed boring and useless I wasn’t disciplined with the food I was eating and I knew that a change had to happen Because when I look at my children, I know that based on the latest data Most people today are gonna live to be a hundred to a hundred and ten This means we are going to be seeing great-grandchildren. If not great-grandchildren And what science says is that as we get to a hundred and hundreds and tens? while we’re gonna live longer We cannot reverse ageing so we could be wrinkled and lacking energy and unable to fully use our body and be confined to a wheelchair or We could be a hundred and ten and still have the body and the energy of someone who is a modern sixty-five or seven-year-old But for the people, I work with for my family for my children’s children When I get obsessed about something I really get obsessed So I travelled the world seeking the best experts in minds in health wellness longevity I created festivals on the topic I launched apps in the topic and I went and studied with some of the best minds and one man Really stood out when it came to the business and the science of longevity.

His name is Ben, Greenfield I went and trained with Ben I studied Ben’s work Ben’s podcast became the number one podcast I listened to And I want to show you what happened. You can see the mass difference This is from programs like your outfit But also optimized workout Longevity hacking better nutrition and I realize just how much I have missed out on I wish I have left this stuff when I was 25 today My biological age is closer to someone in their mid-30s I feel so much more energetic my skin cleared up my eyesight improved grey hair disappeared, In fact, I was getting a bald spot that stopped I couldn’t explain all of this But it was as if I went into a time machine and went back ten years now You know me when I discover something that I think can help people I want to spread it as an enlightened idea to as many people as I can and this is why mind Valley is now working with Ben Greenfield to develop a program for longevity.

A lot of us think ageing is inevitable It is not you can radically Transform your body and it has nothing to do with just going on a diet or joining a gym Ben is at the cutting edge of the latest science on longevity and you’ll find that it takes only 20 minutes a day of specific practices to radically change the way your body functions So back to that question, you know your chronological age Are you ready to take a look at your biological age and reverse that as much as 10 years? So to get started in this approach I want to give you a free masterclass with Ben Greenfield Join us and watch me spend time with them and then is gonna lay out some of the best hacks for biological mental nutrition Metabolism that he shared with him over the last one year of our friendship These are things that have made an incredible impact in my life, and I want to introduce them to you Straight from Ben Greenfield.

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